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We are exercise and movement specialists who believe you deserve a life filled with health, vitality and vigor. We focus purely on your goals, be it fitness, health, injury rehab or sports performance. We don’t do fads or gimmicks – we use scientifically proven techniques to ensure you get the very best from each and every workout you do and enjoy the lasting results. We specialise in 1-1 training, spinal and orthopedic rehabilitation.


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At PerformanceRx, we truly practice what we preach. Our passion for living a healthy and fit lifestyle overflows into each and every programme we design and every training session we do. We never have and never will create a one size fits all programme, so you can rest assured that your training and nutrition programme will be specifically tailored to your exact needs.


Personal training

Personal training

We specialise in 1-1 personal training. We believe that every individual is unique; we customise every detail in your training programme, right from the warm up through to the individual exercises. We strive to make your experience a seamless and gratifying journey. Find out more.

Low back rehabilitation

Low back rehabilitation

At PerformanceRx we take a very calculated and proven system in trying to get you back to enjoying a pain free life. With a hands on approach, you will be guided on identifying faulty movements, removing them and then working on a series of progressive exercises that have been specifically prescribed for you. Find out more.


What our clients say...

When I met Joel I was post back surgery and very low mentally and out of shape physically. Over the course of a year Joel got me fit , strong and above all confident and very body aware. He is without question one of the most well informed , well connected, sensible and top of his game experts in the area of back and body rehabilitation. His training skills are effective and challenging yet totally safe and measured. He is a rare breed and I feel lucky to have him on my side.
— Emily C, St John’s Wood
When I came to see Joel I was close to losing all hope of ever recovering from my hamstring tear. I had been out of competition for nearly 2 years and seen 4 different physios with next to no result, I thought my career was over. After a initial consultation I knew I had come to the right place for any chance of recovery. Over the course of 6 months, Joel took me from a person who could not extend my leg fully without pain, to a national champion who is pain free and training harder than ever. I owe my recovery entirely to him.
— Reece Taylor, GB and International Karate Champion

Our flagship Swiss Cottage studio


Our facility is nothing short of world class and we are proud to offer you the highest quality of services in a luxurious yet functional environment. Our well equipped and laid out gym area marks the difference from others in the industry by offering natural light, high ceilings and a wide variety of high quality bespoke training equipment.



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