Low back rehabilitation


In the highly complex world of low back rehabilitation, where conflicting advice can leave you hoping for a miracle, PerformanceRx may just have the answer.

For over a decade, Joel Proskewitz has studied personally and worked with Professor Stuart McGill (www.backfitpro.com) – the world’s leading authority on low back pathologies and head of Spinal Biomechanics at the University of Waterloo in Canada.

The McGill method of low back rehabilitation is not a 5 step quick fix nor is it a generic core exercise prescription. What it is though, is an evidence based method, honed over for over 30 years on thousands of patients from all walks of life, including world class athletes to busy moms. The McGill method is steeped in scientific research with a proven track record second to none.

Professor McGill has developed a proven system of assessing the movement patterns of an injured patient, whereby the painful mechanism is identified and then removed. This is then followed up with a prescription of movements and specific exercises to stabilise the area and put you on the road to being pain free.

Many methods claim to ‘strengthen your core’ and ‘give you back flexibility in your spine’ – however any prescription and/or method can potentially be more damaging unless the movement pathology has been identified.

At PerformanceRx we take a very calculated and proven system in trying to get you back to enjoying a pain free life. With the hands on approach of the McGill method, you will be guided on identifying faulty movements, removing them and then working on a series of progressive exercises that have been specifically prescribed for you.

When I get a back pained patient request from the UK I refer them to Joel Proskewitz. Quite simply, he gets them better. He has been trained in our approaches and has the skills to get the exercises right; together with just the right dosage.
— Prof Stuart McGill