Private GP services


In our quest to offer the highest level of preventative medicine, we are now able to provide a personalised in house private GP service at PerformanceRx.

Through Dr Sara Ahmed we offer a range of private GP services including consultation, prescriptions, investigations and onward referral to specialists if required. We are able to provide care for management and treatment of health conditions and the ongoing care for chronic illnesses. 


Dr Sara Ahmed / General Practitioner

Dr Ahmed is a GP with over 12 years of experience. She currently practices both for the NHS and private sector. In addition to General practice she works as a GP with special interest in Dermatology, both in the community and at Whipps Cross Hospital.
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The following services are offered through routine pre bookable appointments during facility opening hours:

  • Consultations, treatment and management of health conditions. Consultations last 20 minutes, which allows adequate time to explore your concern in detail. If you feel you need more time you can book a 30 minute appointment for an in-depth consultation. Any required referral letters and the issuing of private prescriptions are included.

  • Ongoing medical care and management of chronic illnesses

  • Health screening

  • Blood tests and referrals for imaging. We are able to offer a standard and specialised blood tests. We also have a comprehensive PerformanceRx package which tests for anaemia, iron, thyroid function, liver, kidney, bone profile, vitamin D, cholesterol and diabetes.

  • Onward referral to consultant specialists if clinically indicated

  • Electrocardiographs (ECG). The ECG is a simple test that measures the electrical activity of the heart. This gives important information about the rhythm, size, position of chambers and the electrical activity of the heart.

  • Private prescriptions

  • Aesthetics. We are able to provide anti wrinkle injections for wrinkle reduction.


  • Consultation 20 min  £90
  • Consultation 30 min (in depth)  £130
  • Telephone or email consultation (discretionary)  £50
  • Performance Rx blood test package £200
  • Follow up (for results)  £75
  • Repeat prescription (known patients)  £20
  • ECG  £130
  • Aesthetics (one area)  £230
  • Aesthetics (two areas)  £280
  • Aesthetics (three areas)  £320

Please note we do not provide the following services

  • Emergency or out of hours care – please call NHS 111 or 999

  • Repeat issue of sick certificates

  • Prescriptions for controlled drugs or drugs of dependence

  • Contraceptive coil and implant service

  • Vaccinations

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