Injury rehabilitation


A team of world class therapists and doctors to help you get pain free and moving well.

PerformanceRx has been recommended by some of the world’s leading medical professionals to implement Injury Rehabilitation programs. We take the task of getting you pain free very seriously and no aspect is left to chance.

We structure each rehabilitation program specifically to your needs and help guide you step-by-step towards a healthy and pain free life.

Our comprehensive Injury Rehabilitation program includes

  • Full Biomechanical assessment of the specific injury

  • Tailor made exercise program for initial rehabilitation of the injury

  • Guidance on nutritional plan to assist with the rehabilitation phase

  • Ongoing communication with referring Doctor and therapist

  • Gym and home based exercise programs

Services we offer on site are

  • Physiotherapy

  • GP - Private Medical Doctor

  • Pediatric physiotherapy

  • Guided ultrasound injections

At PerformanceRx, we will look after your health and physical wellbeing and get you functioning better than ever.