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IGCT Episode #312: Joel Proskewitz “Eat Your Humble Pie”

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • What experience in his journey impacted him the most, and Why.

  • Biggest mistake he has made and how he learned from it.

  • Low back mechanics and strength training.

  • Relation of martial arts to coaching.

  • Can proper biomechanics reduce risk of injury.

  • Best piece of coaching advice he has ever received.

  • His favorite quote, Book/App/Website recommendation.

Joel Proskewitz Podcast

AOP Interview.jpg

Achieving Optimal Performance - Facebook Live Interview

During this interview with top S&C Coach, Joel Proskewitz, you can learn:

  • How your spine moves

  • Why is the hip hinge so important

  • How to self correct some of the main sub-optimal movement patterns

  • To squat or not?

  • Is Yoga for everyone?

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Serious About Strength Performance Podcast with Joel Proskewitz from PerformanceRx and Backfitpro UK

"Today we have my good friend and mentor, Joel Proskewitz, on the show talking all things training and rehab. 
Joel has one of the greatest minds in the industry and as an international lecturer of his own accord as well as being a lead presenter for Dr. Stuart McGill it's safe to say Joel knows his stuff. 
Sit back and take notes guys as this one's a gem!" - Rob Coles
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The Strength Matters Podcast
Episode 6: The Everyday Athlete & Lower Back Pain – Why No Two Spines Are The Same

Today, I am talking to Joel Proskewitz the Founder of PerformanceRx in London. Joel is a fantastic coach who has been in the business for about 24 years. He has been hiding in the background slowly building his reputation. This is the first podcast he has ever done, but I doubt it will be his last.

Topics Include:

  • Joel’s training background and how he moved to London and eventually started his gym PerformanceRx

  • Joel’s speciality is working with problems and injuries of the lower back.

  • The main goal is long-term health and quality of movement.

  • How principles of biomechanics can allow long-term health to be extracted from the programs taught at PerformanceRx.

  • Understanding the difference between moving your spine and moving your hips.

  • People struggle with hip disassociation because no one has broken it down and explained it to them.

  • How Joel got started teaching Professor McGill’s work.

  • How the assessment process for back pain is a very intricate and precise process.

  • Action Step Or Takeaway

  • Tailor your strength and conditioning for the sport you are training for.


Leo Training Podcast with Joe De Leo - Episode 85 - Joel Proskewitz, PerformanceRx & Backfitpro UK

Joel Proskewitz is an internationally acclaimed strength coach and health and fitness expert. Joel works with Professor Stuart McGill (head of spinal biomechanics – University of Waterloo, Canada) in the rehabilitation of lower back pathologies. He also an instructor for Prof. McGill on the McGill clinical courses and a lead instructor for the McGill Trainer courses.

Topics include:

  • Joel's background and education

  • How he came to work on low back rehab

  • Joel's work with Dr. McGill

  • Why Joel observes surgery each month and what he learns

  • The setup and environment at PerformanceRx

  • His work with the 2000 Sydney Men's Pair from South Africa

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