Client testimonials

I had suffered from low back pain and associated sciatica in both my legs for about 15 months when I came to see Joel. I had been hospitalised for several days and was told I would need a microdiscectomy, I was shocked: I wasn’t even 30 years old! Month after month the pain escalated and I was at the point where I could not stand or walk for longer than five minutes before the pain in my legs became unbearable. Within a month of seeing Joel and implementing the training schedule he provided I was down to pain in just one leg and I’d stopped taking the cocktail of ever stronger medication I had been prescribed. Within three months I was back on the golf course; by 6 months I had forgotten I had a bad back at all and my life was back to normal. Joel has performed nothing short of a miracle and I cannot thank him enough!
— LJ - United Kingdom
I had a scan and was advised by a back surgeon that there was little that could be done to ease the pain in my back and that probably in the next 10 years I would need an operation. Luckily for me my personal trainer had read the Back Mechanic and recommended I make contact with Joel.

Joel spent a three hour session assessing the exact issues with my back without even looking at my scan and he was absolutely spot on. He designed a personalised exercise programme and gave me practical tips on how to move sit and stand to enable me to strengthen my back with the aim to significantly reducing my back pain.

6 months later how are things? Amazing! I am pain free and enjoying life to the full. Could not recommend Joel enough for anyone with back pain he has an amazing knowledge of his specialist subject.
— AM, United Kingdom
“I came to see Joel because of my low back pain and the impact it was having on my professional rugby career. I was unable to properly strength train and condition myself for rugby. After an in depth assessment of my low back, Joel was able to show me how to apply the appropriate exercises and movements to my daily routine and training program. They were the simple things performed with perfect execution. The exercises respected my own structure and anatomy. I am now back training and playing rugby and all I can say is ‘healthy training, healthy spine!’

— Lucas Noguera, Professional Rugby Player, Argentina & Bath,UK
Joel, thank you so much for fixing me. When we first met I was in a bad way and my back injury was inhibiting my performances. Your skills and knowledge meant you were able to isolate the problem and prescribe the perfect exercises to alleviate the symptoms completely. Everything you’ve taught me has been invaluable. Thanks for everything!
— David Tench, Musician and Musical Director, Voice Band UK
Joel, I am writing to thank you for everything you have done to address my long standing back complaint. The impact has been nothing short of incredible. You will remember when we first met about a year ago that my day to day experience of recurring lower back pain was something I assumed I would just have to live with. What prompted me to consult with you were the frequent episodes of painful back spasms that left me unable to move freely for days or weeks at a time.  Inevitably the effect of these episodes would subside over time through rest and inactivity however they would reoccur again at some later date resulting in a stop/start ability to play golf, go to the gym or live a normal life. Over the last 10 years, in an attempt to proactively manage and maintain my back health I had seen numerous back pain specialists and physios, consulted with back surgeons (who recommended an operation) and tried extended periods of Pilates , Yoga and swimming. The activities that most people suggest are ‘good’ for the back. But nothing seemed to result in improvement. Your initial assessment , considered diagnosis and recommendations gave me great confidence and within a short space of time my back was stable and the pain was gone. 
Here I am a year later celebrating the fact that I have not had one episode of back spasm since we met and with no lower back pain. Throughout the year  I have been to the gym 3-4 times per week  have played golf twice a week ,cycled without any discomfort and even played tennis again .. all without any side effects. With your help I now know what activities to avoid and those that I can undertake without fear .. I feel in control of my back condition in a way I have never felt before. I can’t thank you enough Joel. 
— JF, United Kingdom
When I went to see Joel, I had lost all hope of getting my low back better. As a competitive Olympic weightlifter, I trained every day and I could no longer do this. After meeting with Joel he gave me a good perspective of what I could do later on. I was so impressed with the way that Joel works and how he explains things, I felt that everything had fallen into place. Working with Joel over the last few months has allowed me to feel normal again and the exercises are really working to make me so much stronger. I cannot wait what the future has in store for me.
— Shannen Dooley, Olympic weightlifter, Holland
About 4 months ago I painfully limped into PerformanceRx to see Joel Proskewitz. I was hopeful that he could help me reduce my leg pain that was originating from my low back. I had read Prof McGill’s Back Mechanic book and had been recommended to see Joel by Professor McGill. After a very thorough examination Joel located the source of my pain and so began a series of visits and specific movements & exercises. I am now pain free; able to sleep well at night and hike any distance I’ve chosen so far. I cannot thank Joel enough for educating me about my back health and for giving me a foundation for a continued pain free existence. It’s been life changing!
— Helena Day Breese, UK
The first thing to say is I like Joel, I like him a lot. When you meet him it’s immediately obvious he’s a good natured soul, a man you can trust. I went to see Joel last year after years of low back problems and he made an immediate impact on my personal and professional life. After 7 years of pain and lower back spasm he seems to have succeeded were many others failed. The relief I feel is huge. After my initial assessment he assured me that my problems would be manageable if I followed his advice. “I can’t guarantee you’ll never have another back spasm but I am sure that if you follow my advice you’ll have less of them” - he said. I’ve not had a back spasm since that conversation!
Thank you Joel...I’m immensely grateful.
— Jaimie Gramston, Documentary Cameraman
Personal training testimonial
There are personal trainers – then there are coaches. Joel is a Vince Lombardi in the fitness world. I have seen Joel teach, coach, instruct, train, inspire, and motivate – all at the same time. The ability to integrate these very important processes into one experience is probably the hardest skill a personal trainer has to master – and few do. Joel Proskewitz is one of those rare coaches that fully embodies the entire skill set needed to take anyone to their highest potential and beyond. If you’re training with Joel – you’re training with the best. Be ready for the JP experience!
— Juan Carlos (JC) Santana, Renowned Strength Coach, Fitness Industry Icon and Owner of the Institute of Human Performance
When I came to see Joel I had lost all faith in getting my lower back better and being able to return to my love of show jumping again after a nasty horse fall. I had been to see many different consultants and muscular therapists but wasn’t getting any better, in fact I was in more pain from doing the exercises they had taught me to do. After meeting with Professor Stuart McGill and Joel Proskewitz I knew I had met the best people. Joel has been absolutely fantastic in my recovery. He has shown me movements that allow me to move and train totally pain free. Joel is extremely smart in how he implements the correct exercises for rehabilitation and performance. Joel has given me so much more confidence in what I am able to do. After seeing so many people, I was very lucky to find Joel.
— Ellie Gorton, Showjumper
Joel Proskewitz has been a total saviour and I don’t know what I would have done without finding a newspaper article about his work. After a thorough assessment, he designed and supervised a series of increasing rehabilitation exercises to alleviate my back problem. In the 15 months since I first saw him I have followed his instructions and have not suffered any further pain – which is incredible. I maintain the program and my back is now stronger than it has been for decades.
In my opinion, Joel’s knowledge and understanding of musculoskeletal systems and injury prevention whilst exercising is second to none. 
I recommend all my friends to PerformanceRx, whether or not one needs a specialist consultation with Joel for rehabilitation or to see one of his his trainers, who are similarly instructed. My friends have since also found it incredibly helpful to check over on going exercise programs, so as to avoid later stress injuries.
PerformanceRx is a brilliant studio full of genuine expertise, in what seemed a veritable ‘jungle’ of potential treatments available. I am so glad I found Joel Proskewitz.
— Julia P, Sussex
As a former competitive powerlifter of modest ability but real passion for the sport, low back pain has been a familiar problem, and it had been having a particularly ruinous effect on my training for about two years. It left me frustrated and fairly certain that I would have to choose between pursuing the sport I enjoyed so much, and quitting altogether before it was too late to avoid chronic pain later in life.

With Joel’s expert advice and guidance I’ve been able to quickly eliminate my pain triggers, started to enforce good habits, and reconstructed my technique on the competition lifts. I’m confident that I can use what I’ve learnt to surpass my previous competition total and continue to enjoy a healthy back! - Thank you Joel
— Russell W - London, UK
I had continuous low back pain for 25 years which finally became unbearable. I was introduced to Joel who was the only person who traced the injury back to my days of rowing while at University. He then changed my exercise regime by removing certain activities and including others. I followed his program and advice to the letter and 6 months later, not only am I virtually pain free, I’m back playing football and even went sculling again this summer. The only part of my body that wasn’t in pain after the sculling was my back! I haven’t felt better in years. A huge thank you.
— Peter Fitzgerald, London
4 month’s ago, I had a low back assessment by Joel Proskewitz. It was in depth and provided me with a clear understanding of what my pain triggers are and how to avoid them. He then recommended I work with one of his trainers at PerformanceRx, who has been great in providing clear instruction and cues for the exercises in my rehab programme. In that time I have gone from being in constant pain throughout the day to barely noticing any pain.

Joel is a very passionate guy, and you know that he genuinely cares about his clients. Having been through two spine surgeries already, I’m grateful to be working with Joel and PerformanceRx, and know that I’m in safe hands for the future!
— Richard York, London
When I met Joel I was post back surgery and very low mentally and out of shape physically. Over the course of a year Joel got me fit , strong and above all confident and very body aware. He is without question one of the most well informed , well connected, sensible and top of his game experts in the area of back and body rehabilitation. His training skills are effective and challenging yet totally safe and measured. He is a rare breed and I feel lucky to have him on my side.
— Emily C, St John’s Wood
I was recommended to see Joel Proskewitz after many practitioners failed to help my lower back. I had spent 2 years trying to get pain free, which in turn did not allow me to play much golf. Joel explained the rehabilitation process with thought and logic; taking me through a step by step recovery process in building back my pain free capacity. I saw the results over time as pain decreased and I’ve now returned to playing golf every day with a healthy, pain free spine.

Joel has worked incredibly well as part of my coaching team, completely turning my physical health around from chronic pain to hardly getting any signs of a bad back.

Not only have I returned to full time golf but I have learnt tremendous amounts of knowledge and have enjoyed working with such great guy. My dream is to play on the PGA and European Tours and now I’m able to work extremely hard to achieve that with tournaments, practice and Joel as part of my coaching team.
— Joel Mellmann, Amateur golfer
25 years ago I had an accident in which three discs prolapsed. I was in a cycle of absolute agony followed by a slow recovery period and then I would resume exercise only for my back to “go again” A surgeon offered to do a spinal fusion which luckily I declined. A life of pain killers, physiotherapy, manipulations and injections followed until I read an article in the Daily Mail about Prof Mc Gill in which Joel Proskewitz was featured, this was a life changing discovery for me.
After a detailed examination Joel soon pointed out that the exercises given to me by others were actually making my back worse and that by carefully controlled exercise I could resume a normal life.
I am now 9 months into rehabilitation with Joel and already the difference is immense, the worst I get now is an ache which I am now able to reduce to almost nil by following Joel’s instructions on back hygiene combined with a specific exercise regime designed for me.

A big thank you Joel.
— Rob L, Surrey, UK
When I first went to see Joel my back was causing me pain all through the day and making me miserable. Joel has managed to work out which day to day activities flare my back up and found alternative ways around them. This, combined with exercises tailored specifically for me has made my back feel better than it has in years. Joel has fantastic exercise rehabilitation knowledge and has made me realise how so much of what I have been told before is wrong. I strongly recommend Joel if you have been suffering from back pain and want to get fit again.
— Edward O’Brien, Teacher
I have been training with Joel for the past 10 years since he arrived in London. I say training because Joel doesn’t “train” in the true sense of the word. What he does is fine tunes; he is a technician; a master craftsman. He is in a different and unique league. His goal is not to exhaust his clients on a treadmill or to achieve their maximum heart rate and recovery as quickly as possible, but to achieve their true potential over whatever period of time it takes. And this is how he achieves perfection, which is his ultimate aim. Each client is his project, and the achievement of his or her real potential is his ultimate goal. Whatever the age or physical or mental state of his client, he ensures that whatever it takes he will achieve this. He looks after three generations of my family all of whom have different requirements in terms of physical and mental well being, and each one of them is thriving. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
— Andy D, Hampstead
I came across Joel after reading Stuart McGill’s book, Back Mechanic. Having gone through two chiropractors, three physios, one osteopath and a private pilates tutor over the course of five years, I had reached a point of desperation and needed to find a solution to my chronic lower back issues. Having been told repeatedly that I had “non specific back pain”, it was a huge relief to be told that there was a cause, and it was something that could be rectified. Joel was the first person who really took the time to assess me thoroughly, and it paid off. Within a week, I had experienced my first pain-free day, and this has only increased since. For the first time, I feel like I’m on the road to recovery.
— Helen J, London
Meeting Joel Proskewitz has been an absolute pleasure. Joel is a wonderful trainer, he has inspired me with his vast knowledge of the body and taught me so much about nutrition. Every session with Joel is varied and different, he inspires me to work out and keep strong and healthy. Thank you so much Joel for your fresh approach and being a compassionate teacher.
— Pam S, St John’s Wood
I have known Joel Proskewitz for over 20 years. He is an experienced professional trainer and conditioning specialist, and I have used him for the rehabilitation of my patients with knee problems pre- and post surgery. He is excellent in his field.
— Dr Ian Mackenzie Rogan, Leading Knee Specialist and Orthopedic Surgeon
I started training with Joel Proskewitz after my surgery and on the recommendation of my physiotherapist. She was spot on. I have never done gym work before, fearing I would find it boring. I rarely do the same thing twice with Joel. He is unfailingly attentive, gives pertinent explanations of why we are doing something and in a particular way. He is enthusiastic without being false and has thought things through before I arrive. He arms me to exercise on my own as well and my body has not looked like this since I was twenty!
— Andrew Moss, Partner, Lewis Golden & Co
I reluctantly decided to use a personal trainer 10 years ago, and was introduced to Joel. I have found every session to be meticulously planned, functional, and designed specifically around my needs and capabilities. He has kept me motivated throughout this period, and I look forward to my two sessions per week.
— Rael B, Investment Manager
Joel Proskewitz is an exceptional personal trainer. He is clearly focused on helping his clients push themselves to their limits and is constantly innovating training sessions to ensure they remain interesting and challenging.
— Tim B, CEO – London
At the age of 13, I was the WUKF National Karate Champion. I then fractured a vertebrae in my lower back (L5) which left me in constant pain and unable to walk more than 10 paces without having to sit down. After about 9 months, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Joel Proskewitz. Within a few weeks, Joel’s precise prescription of my targeted rehab and conditioning exercises had got me pain free and shortly after I was able to start my karate training again. Joel’s constant encouragement and enthusiasm has kept me going and I am now back to competing and being ranked one of the highest karate competitors in the UK. Joel, I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me.
— Max Fillingham, UK Karate Champion
When I came to see Joel I was close to losing all hope of ever recovering from my hamstring tear. I had been out of competition for nearly 2 years and seen 4 different physios with next to no result, I thought my career was over. After a initial consultation I knew I had come to the right place for any chance of recovery. Over the course of 6 months, Joel took me from a person who could not extend my leg fully without pain, to a national champion who is pain free and training harder than ever. I owe my recovery entirely to him.
— Reece Taylor, GB and International Karate Champion
I can’t thank Joel enough for both his physical and emotional support during what was a very difficult and painful time. After injuring my back and having 2 prolapsed discs I was very close to having surgery. I had already had 2 unsuccessful steroid injections and was taking several prescription painkillers to cope. All I wanted was to be free from the pain that had rendered me immobile for several months. I met with Joel who with his wealth of knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and in particular the low back, persuaded me to forgo the surgery and let him handle my recovery. As it concerns my health, it was the best decision I have ever made. He worked with me over several months encouraging me through some very dark moments where I very nearly gave up. He taught me how to move again and showed me how to re-educate the muscles that had basically shut down as a protective devise. Joel knew my body would heal itself and with exercises specifically selected to strengthen, he got me pain-free and helped me gain confidence in my body’s ability to move. I am so grateful to Joel for his support and would highly highly highly recommend him to anyone who is injured or needs body strengthening or anyone who wants to understand how the musculoskeletal system works and how best to strengthen it. The fact that I am now back to training and completely pain free is a testament to Joel’s abundance of knowledge and his careful approach!
— Nicole S, Hampstead
Having suffered back pain for over 10 years and seeing various medical professionals, I was referred to a specialist for an operation to “cure” a bulging disc. I had a discectomy and laminectomy at l4/5. After the operation I was still in pain. The surgeon suggested nothing further could be done.
I found Professor Stuart McGill and started reading his 2 books, later attending a seminar that Professor McGill gave. I was then recommended by Professor McgGill to see Joel Proskewitz, who started prescribing exercises specifically for my problem rather than generic exercises.
Joel seems to be a master at spotting things others had missed; he studied my posture, my walking and seating positions and amended the exercises to my needs and requirements. Further meetings and Joel has shown me how to perform daily routines with reduced pain, along with this is a reduction in painkillers. Although rather than the pain recurring due to following errant patterns of exercise or actions, I am now recovering and able to exercise pain free on a daily basis.
— Nigel Parker
Personal training testimonial
I started training with Joel two years ago to get me ready for ski touring in the Swiss alps. He devised a program for me on- and off-season. I have strength and endurance to help me up the mountains on the sometimes 3-4 hour climbs in high altitude and explosive power still in my legs to let me bounce through the powder on the way down. He has transformed me! The real test came on a week long ski tour with five men who had all trained by cycling, running and playing squash. By day three when they were all needing a lie in, I was as fit and up for it as on day one. And another plus, after years of carrying that pregnancy blubber that no amount of yoga and cycling could shift, I feel great in a bikini for the first time in years. Thank you Joel!
— Margaret Roddan, Ski Tourer
After an ACL repair surgery and some physiotherapy, I was referred to Joel. I hobbled in barely able to do much apart from walk. All I can say now is I’m back in my heels able to do more than I could before my surgery and obviously a glutton for punishment as I seem to be going in to workout with him several times a week. Joel is passionate about what he does and I can confidently say he knows almost everything there is to know about the human body and training effectively. He has not only rehabilitated my knee but strengthened and toned my body – so I’m a believer!
— Shaila C, St John’s Wood
I started seeing Joel four months into a very slow recovery from a bulging disc. After limited success with Pilates and traditional physiotherapy, I was looking for somebody to coach me in Low-Back Stability Training.

My experience with Joel has been terrific. His approach goes well beyond Low-Back Stability Training. He takes a holistic view considering all the factors that may be contributing to your problem and designing a training program to address them. His advice extends beyond the gym, addressing issues of pain relief, posture, gait, footwear and suggesting useful solutions. Of all the health professionals I have consulted, Joel is the one who stands out for his keen intellectual interest in getting to the bottom of my own individual problem. He is also the person who has made the most difference to my recovery. I have got more out of my sessions with Joel than with other professionals. Thanks to him, I have finally been able to get back to a normal pain-free life.
— Giulio Fella
Personal training testimonial
Joel is always meticulously prepared and uses the latest scientific techniques. He is constantly educating me – not just on how to do an exercise, but more importantly why each exercise is important and functional. Joel has even developed specific training for my race car driving. As a result of training with Joel, there has been a significant improvement in my core strength and overall fitness. Highly recommended.
— John LaMaster, Lawyer and driver in the Lotus Elise Trophy Series and Lotus Cup UK
Personal training testimonial
I have trained with Joel for 10 years, and I simply can’t imagine life without him. He is not only passionate about physical strength, but also mental health. Joel offers me sculpted muscles, physical balance, boundless energy and inspiration to live a healthy lifestyle
— Margaret Wronski
After my knee surgery I hit a point where the physical therapy was not helping me improve anymore. My knee was still not strong and I lacked the strength and confidence to do things like stairs, hike and downhill skiing. My physical therapist recommended Joel and I cannot imagine what I would have done without his help. Not only is my knee stronger and completely pain free, but we have begun to transform my whole body. I am stronger than I have ever been and I look great! Joel has reworked my diet and he gives me routines to do while I am on holiday so I don’t lose any momentum with our training. Thank you Joel!
— Dawn Saslow