Joel Proskewitz



Joel Proskewitz

Joel Proskewitz is an internationally acclaimed strength coach and health and fitness expert. His unique approach focuses on effective, tailored training and rehabilitation programs that achieve results that really last.

With an excess of 30,000 hours of training, Joel has worked with a wide range of clients including Olympic medalists, business executives, rehabilitation patients and families keen to improve their long-term fitness.

After becoming a national champion in two of the most demanding sports, Karate and Bodybuilding, Joel has spent the last 23 years working as a personal trainer, continuously developing his skills in training and rehabilitation.

Joel works with Professor Stuart McGill (head of spinal biomechanics – University of Waterloo, Canada) in the rehabilitation of lower back pathologies. He also an assistant instructor for Prof. McGill on the McGill clinical courses and a lead instructor for the McGill Trainer courses. Further information can viewed on

Joel has been a presenter at high profile health and fitness conferences such as the Discovery Fitness Convention and the South African High Performance Institute, giving advice on topics including strength training for women, Olympic lifting for sports performance and practical nutrition for fat loss. He has also featured in leading publications, such as Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health.

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